Cybersecurity for Financial Services

Friday, October 6, 2017
Washington Hilton | Washington, D.C.

SEC examiners report that cybersecurity is the number one risk for investment advisers. The cyber shenanigans that splash the headlines serve to remind that you must constantly stiffen your defenses to keep pace with these ever-persistent bad guys.

Even the government acknowledges the risks, stating private IT networks are under constant attack from both foreign and domestic sources.

Theft of sensitive client data. Fraudulent money transfers. Stolen intellectual property. Damaged reputations. Regulatory actions. Gain insights into the latest cyber risks, along with solutions to help your firm stay safe. Reserve your seat at IA Watch’s Cybersecurity for Financial Services conference in October and hear:

  • What it takes to survive a real cybersecurity attack – from a peer who knows
  • How you can achieve what the SEC expects of you
  • Ideas for keeping your cyber risks assessment sharp
  • Techniques to prevent the loss of critical data
  • What you can do to monitor your vendors and assess the effectiveness of their cyber strategies
  • A plan for how to respond when you’ve discovered a cyber event
  • And much more